Top 3 Reasons Small Business Should Advertise On Facebook

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Top 3 Reasons Small Business Should Advertise On Facebook In 2019

For small business owners, succeeding and attaining greatness in their field and industry is not a question of why they want to get to the top, but a question of how to go about succeeding in fields where everyone is doing everything to be great.


As a small business owner, one key and germane thing you need to know first is that no business owner is resting on his or her oars when it comes to pushing and publicising their businesses and brands.



That is the exact reason you should buckle up and find the appropriate and best -selling medium to reach your target audience.


As we all know, social media platforms are the trending and best-selling mediums through which every business owners, either big or small are advertising their products, brands, and businesses.


Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube are mediums through which people interact, meet, communicate, exchange information, learn, get entertained, and most importantly publicise their goods and services.


All these social media platforms are efficient and effective in their own way, the best platform for an up and coming business owner is Facebook.


Owned by Mark Zuckerberg and created in 2004, Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms where people get to meet new people, communicate, share their thoughts, and learn new things.


You might be wondering how this platform stands a chance to give your business the exposure and project it to your desired audience.


This is actually a no brainer as there are obvious reasons why this platform has a lot to offer your business than other social media platform, and the reasons are as follow:


1. Facebook helps you reach the right audience/ customer base


Facebook has the right audience and customer base than any other platform. There are some people who don’t use Snapchat, Instagram, or Twitter, but you would definitely find them on Facebook.


So, no matter your target audience, trust you will find them on Facebook for sure.


Facebook Pixel


2. Facebook has more users


As at the fourth quarter of the year 2018, Facebook recorded a whopping and massive 2.32 billion users who actively use that space from different locations in the world, and about 1.5 billion users visit the site on a daily.


This means you have the opportunity to advertise your product to as many as 1 billion people on the average daily.


3. It is Fast and Affordable


Reaching out to people on Facebook is quite fast and cheap. There are actually two ways to advertise your products on Facebook. The first method and somewhat laid back method is by you running the adverts by yourself on your timeline or your page organically.


This is where you talk to your Facebook friends one by one or make a post to intimate them on your business.


The second way is through the use of Facebook Ads system for small businesses. Through this medium, you can advertise your product or services to a minimum of 5,000 to 10,000 users for as low as $50.


Whichever method you choose to go with, be rest assured that your products and services will definitely get to your desired and target audience effortlessly.


Facebook has all it takes for your business to grow and expand. It has the right resources in places that will help your goods and services get across to people and places you have never dreamt of meeting or going.